TroopTrack 4 Release Date and Overview

On February 7 we will release the next-generation of the best scouting software on the planet, TroopTrack 4. With an updated interface and important new features, TroopTrack 4 (TT4) is an important step forward. Here are a few highlights of this release.

Updated Interface

TT4 features an interface based on the latest user interface standards so it looks modern and clean. To make it easy to get used to the change, we’ve kept the menu system the same as much as possible.

Improved Usability on Small Devices

TT4 automatically adapts to screen sizes, so the entire product works better on small screens such as mobile phones.


Want a “dark mode” version of TroopTrack that’s easy on the eyes? Or don’t like the default color scheme? TT4 features a number of themes to choose from so you can customize the look and feel of TroopTrack. You can set your theme at the troop level and at an individual level.

Shopping Cart

Tired of paying transaction fees for every RSVP or event item sold? TT4 features a shopping cart so your members can pay for all their RSVPs and event items in one transaction. You can watch the shopping cart in action here:

Public Events

Want to have a pancake breakfast and sell tickets that anyone in your community can purchase? The new public events feature makes this possible. Currently only available to customers using Stripe for payment processing with PayPal support coming soon.

Public Joining

TT4 has an optional feature allowing members of the public to apply to join your troop directly on your TroopTrack web site without sacrificing safety or exposing you to spammers. Check out a video here:

Desktop Notifications

Want to get notifications directly on your desktop when your son or daughter’s achievements get updated? Or when a new member applies to join your troop? Even when you’re not using Desktop notifications make it happen.

We hope you like the new look and new features of TT4. It will be available beginning February 7. We’re always working hard to make it easier than ever to run your organization and we hope you love and appreciate what we’ve done. We’ve sent this note only to TroopTrack Account Owners. Please share it with your leaders and members as appropriate to prepare them for this change.

Best regards,