December 2021 Product Update

The Holiday Season is upon us. Happy Holidays from TroopTrack! 

TroopTrack is continuing to stay updated and our team is hard at work making improvements to create a quality and efficient scouting experience! For example, we now allow payment with a card without turning on automatic payments. Users can still subscribe using the automatic payments but below those, on the TroopTrack subscription page, there’s an option to make a one time annual payment.  

Here are some additional new TroopTrack features and other enhancements we have made over the past few months:

New Features

  1. NEW Printable pages style

  2. NEW Maybe removed when RSVPing

  3. NEW Users can sign up on the mobile app for TT

  4. NEW mobile app users can click on a number and call it from the app

  5. NEW mobile app users can click on an email address and send an email

  6. NEW shared dashboard can be filtered down

  7. NEW attendance report includes medical form date

  8. NEW mobile app has improved navigation options

  9. NEW Design on the photo upload process

  10. NEW awards for BSA can be reported in the I.A 2.0 upload

Improvements/Bug Fixes

  1. Updated TT importer to match new Scoutbook files

  2. Chatterbox improvements and fixes

  3. Custom and Magic Mailing lists sending from 3rd party email clients

  4. Email Confirmation at account creation

  5. Mobile app login

  6. Improved AHG connect integration and syncing

  7. Event invites being sent

  8. Fixed sea Scout ranks showing on the patrols page

  9. Fixed various users account issues

  10. Various event fixes/improvements 

If you have any questions about new features or product updates, don’t hesitate to reach out to If you have any ideas about features you'd like to see added next, make sure you post them to or if you have any other site feedback, please post to


The TroopTrack Team