Summer 2022 Product Update

Welcome to Summer! Stay hydrated out there it’s hot! 

TroopTrack is continuing to stay updated and making improvements to run efficiently! For example, we have released a feature allowing adults/leaders to be in more than one patrol. This feature has been requested for a while and the amazing tech team was able to get this done just recently! If you have any questions, then feel free to review our newest page in the user guide about this feature. 

Here are some additional new TroopTrack features and other enhancements we have made over the past few months:

New Features

  1. NEW Adult/Leader in multiple patrols

  2. NEW IA 2.0 form for BSA downloadable in the same format as logs.csv

  3. NEW AHG Family Spreadsheet importer 

  4. NEW Users can specify an award to be earned at an event

  5. NEW Users can text people invited to the event

Improvements/Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed Incomplete Achievements Book various fixes for certain unit types

  2. Fixed specific users not being able to see their achievements

  3. Fixed BSA required for eagle badges

  4. Fixed getting the error screen when adding a user on the mobile app

  5. Users seeing email lists they shouldn’t

  6. Fixed inactive awards still being added to TrailLife user's profiles 

  7. Fixed a Troop not being able to access their subscription page

  8. Fixed certain users having to reset their passwords to log in

  9. Fixed internet page formatting 

  10. Various event fixes/improvements 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about new features or product updates, don’t hesitate to reach out to If you have any ideas about features you'd like to see added next, make sure you post them to or if you have any other site feedback, please post to


The TroopTrack Team